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TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video CODEC

TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video is the successor of TMMI's SoftVideo™ products originally based on VDK1.0-1.4 developed in the early 1990's in collaboration with the inventors of fractal image compression, Iterated Systems Inc. In 1994 TMMI licensed Iterated Systems Inc.'s patented VDK2.1, VDK2.2, VDK2.3 and VDK2.4 versions for various hardware platforms that were based on a new streamlined VDK2.0 algorithm.

Due to computational limitations of that time and increasing screen resolutions it was necessary to reduce the number of both encoding and decoding operations compared to earlier "full fractal" VDK 1.0-1.9 versions. In 1996 Iterated Systems Inc. delivered VDK2.1 compressor and decompressor source code for single i386 Intel processor hardware to TMMI. Now decades later TMMI created its own derivative of VDK2.1, upgraded to TRUDEF™ VDK3 supporting modern multi core, multi threaded AMD64 bit hardware. TMMI added audio capability, .mkv container support, built Frame Tools and other utilities for managing and editing VDK3 .fvf files. TMMI also developed the TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player optimized for low overhead, high bitrate playback.

A fractal is an object or quantity that displays self-similarity. Fractal image compression is founded on the fact that in a sequence of images blocks containing self similar patterns are repeated. Optimized for performance, TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video codec is a simplified non PIFS (Partitioned Iterated Function Systems) algorithm that searches for self similar blocks within an image encoding them into data called "fractal codes". When images are viewed; fractal codes are remapped back into the correct location using self similar blocks where matches exist.

Fractal video compression is asymmetrical in nature, encoding is resource intensive, however, playback is lightweight and fast. TRUDEF™ Fractal Video is an effective method of playing near lossless quality, high resolution 2x2 block encoded Intra Frame video compressed in the 3 to 4:1 file size reduction range. TRUDEF™ uses Intra Frame only (no data is shared between frames) which eliminates temporal artifacts when playing video containing complex image data.

TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video codec compresses video in the 24 bit RGB/YUV 4:4:4 color space offering a rich viewing experience compared to most common distribution codecs that down sample color to YUV 4:2:0 resulting in excessive color loss. The performance characteristics of the TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video are best utilized for near lossless quality, native (non scaled) high resolution video for custom use cases.

TRUDEF™ has been tested with the "Magic Hour" sequence of StEM (Standard Evaluation Material) commissioned by DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) for purposes of video codec quality analysis. This digitally scanned 35mm film saved as 4096x1714 16-bit TIFF files contains a number of elements such as complex motion, film graining and color variations that are a better test of a video codec's capabilities.

TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video is capable of high quality 4K playback at 2,000mbps, more than 8x the data rate as specified by the DCI for Digital Cinema (2012 250mbps JPEG 2000 2K or 4K) at 50% utilization on a 2012 Intel Core i7-3939K 3.2GHz CPU. TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video was initially intended for Digital Cinema (with future 12-bit color support) and not for low bitrate Internet streaming.

The latest 2019 version of the TRUDEF™ Video Player with VDK3 Decompressor compiled for Windows 10-64 is capable of 8K playback on commodity hardware. In certain use cases TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video outperforms h.264 and HEVC during near lossless playback, especially with complex image data and precision Intra Frame stepping without dropping frames. Single Intra Frame example

Raw Uncompressed Frame
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TRUDEF™ 24 bit RGB/YUV 4:4:4
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