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Up to 8K Near Lossless Quality High Bitrate Intra Frame Video
See TRUDEF™ Comparison         Download TRUDEF™ Video Player for Windows 10-64
See TRUDEF™ 4K Examples    SONY Test Image    SONY Test Pattern     StEM 35mm Film Frame
24MB.BMP screen caputres of TRUDEF™ Fractal Intra Frame (.FIF), please allow sufficient time for loading.
Best viewed on a large resolution screen.
2K and 4K .FVF TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video Demos via FTP
TOTAL MULTIMEDIA's TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Codec for AMD64 hardware was developed for high bitrate CPU based decoding. TRUDEF™ has been upgraded from VDK2.1 originally licensed from Iterated Systems Inc. in 1994 to an improved VDK3 code base using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for Windows 10-64, and provides near lossless quality 8K playback on 2019 commodity hardware.
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